Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Digital Animation Week... (I think I counted wrong somewhere XD)

Right then as I have lost what week this is im going to just show and tell XP.

Here are two 3D animations Georg set us the first being a guy trying to push something heavy and the second a guy picking up a ball:

Pushing something heavy

Picking up something

I also finished Dereks Long storyboard this week so here it is :) (haven't done boat/ character designs but they wont take too long :), i will post them when there done.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

TA DAAHHHHH!!!!!!............. yeahhh its not the best storyboard but derek said your storyboard dosnt have to be really detailed it just needs to get the point across its never going to be seen by the audience, and if it is well you can have a laugh with it :P. As long as your character designs are good and you can tell where said character is in the board then it works and is all gooood :P. Thats the way i see it anyway :D

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Digital Animation Week 5 & 6

Sorry about the week delay but there wasn't really anything to upload. Right, these two weeks I ended up doing quite abit of work so im just going to post it all bellow with some minor titles.

Quick life Drawing:
[top] - quick pose
[bottom] - long pose

3 quick poses

Derek's Short Storyboard:
Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Reaction 2D Animation (with dope sheet):
Dope Sheet

Reaction Animation

3D Poses:
Pose 1

Pose 2

Pose 3

(Pose 4 was accidently overwritten)

Over the two weeks I also did some of Kathy's project and quite abit of Derek's Long storyboard project but im waiting to complete them before I upload them. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Digital Animation Week 4

This week I didn't get have much h/w to do because i did it all the weekend before and we didn't get set much extra but this week we learnt how to do walk cycles and a straight walk, heres what i did in lesson:

For h/w we had to animate the walk cycle and the straight walk going past it with maby the straight walk
looking at the walk cycle, I made mine falling the walk out the side of the screen:

later in the week we had a script writing lecture which was quite interesting and I missed Fridays lessons because I went up to the MCM expo where they show new games have talks about them and the same with movies and anime/manga, and not to mention all the movie props and actors playing as for example storm troopers, Darth Vader and Dr.who ect ect. (just saying I did ask  my tutors if I could go first and they said that it was a good idea)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Digital Animation Week 3

This week at uni we played abit more with squishy the ball and learnt how to model a little, and we got set an assignment where we had to animate squishy interacting with some things we have modelled. Here is my result:

In 2D we had two things to do one which i finished just after i last posted and the other i finished today, the first one is of a bowling ball and a football which is here:

and the second was of a character jumping then asserting a type of emotion, (we weren't allowed to give him a face or legs, so we think more of the animating and not how the character looks) heres what i came up with:

we also had our second life drawing session (i didn't do al well in this one) and heres my pieces:

1 minuet poses

more 1 minuet poses

2 minuet poses

more 2 minuet poses

30 minuet pose

another 30 minuet pose

This week we also had our first cinematography lesson we learnt some more about story boarding and we had another movie screening (which i cant remember the name of the movie).

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Digital Animation Week 2

This week we did some more 3D work with Georg our 3D lecturer and i made my first bouching/squishing ball animation which is here:

And then we got set some homework which was to animate 2 balls which were the same size and looked the same, but one had to look heavy and one had to look light heres mine:

Then we did some more History of animation and we also had another movie screening which was on a farm and the pigs were Russians. (its based on the Russian revolution (i think)). We also got assigned the same project from Andy that Georg set us but this time it was in 2D and we had to use animation paper (i haven't finished putting mine together yet).

Here are a Couple of projects we got set to do in our sketch book:

Toy Story Project:
Sitting on a fence

next to a wall on some gravel

sitting on a step

in front of my monitor and tv

in front of my pc

next to some cans

People Watching Project:
caracal head on zoe

Eagle head on zoe

Then on friday we had a storyboarding lesson where we got set some homework saying that we had to make a short storyboard where something moving fast and something moving slow had to meet so this is what i came up with:
basically its a bird flying and taking the strolling man's head off.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Digital Animation Week 1

This week we started to use the 3D software called Maya, and we learnt the very basics and how to make a bouncing ball. We also started a little bit of 2D where we had to hand draw 12 frames of an object morphing into another, the first object was what the last student came up with and then you chose what it turned into.

Here's mine, I was given a Dragon so I turned it into a semi related snake:

This week we also watched had a movie screening of a Song of the South Parody called, Koonskin, I thought it was a kind of ok film but abit strange and not my sort of thing really.

Also we had a life drawing session which these are the images that I produced:
1 minuet poses

2 minuet poses

more 2 minuet poses

10 minuet pose

light pose (dont know exactly what to call it)