Friday, 5 October 2012

Digital Animation Week 1

This week we started to use the 3D software called Maya, and we learnt the very basics and how to make a bouncing ball. We also started a little bit of 2D where we had to hand draw 12 frames of an object morphing into another, the first object was what the last student came up with and then you chose what it turned into.

Here's mine, I was given a Dragon so I turned it into a semi related snake:

This week we also watched had a movie screening of a Song of the South Parody called, Koonskin, I thought it was a kind of ok film but abit strange and not my sort of thing really.

Also we had a life drawing session which these are the images that I produced:
1 minuet poses

2 minuet poses

more 2 minuet poses

10 minuet pose

light pose (dont know exactly what to call it)

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