Saturday, 13 October 2012

Digital Animation Week 2

This week we did some more 3D work with Georg our 3D lecturer and i made my first bouching/squishing ball animation which is here:

And then we got set some homework which was to animate 2 balls which were the same size and looked the same, but one had to look heavy and one had to look light heres mine:

Then we did some more History of animation and we also had another movie screening which was on a farm and the pigs were Russians. (its based on the Russian revolution (i think)). We also got assigned the same project from Andy that Georg set us but this time it was in 2D and we had to use animation paper (i haven't finished putting mine together yet).

Here are a Couple of projects we got set to do in our sketch book:

Toy Story Project:
Sitting on a fence

next to a wall on some gravel

sitting on a step

in front of my monitor and tv

in front of my pc

next to some cans

People Watching Project:
caracal head on zoe

Eagle head on zoe

Then on friday we had a storyboarding lesson where we got set some homework saying that we had to make a short storyboard where something moving fast and something moving slow had to meet so this is what i came up with:
basically its a bird flying and taking the strolling man's head off.

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