Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Digital Animation Week 4

This week I didn't get have much h/w to do because i did it all the weekend before and we didn't get set much extra but this week we learnt how to do walk cycles and a straight walk, heres what i did in lesson:

For h/w we had to animate the walk cycle and the straight walk going past it with maby the straight walk
looking at the walk cycle, I made mine falling the walk out the side of the screen:

later in the week we had a script writing lecture which was quite interesting and I missed Fridays lessons because I went up to the MCM expo where they show new games have talks about them and the same with movies and anime/manga, and not to mention all the movie props and actors playing as for example storm troopers, Darth Vader and Dr.who ect ect. (just saying I did ask  my tutors if I could go first and they said that it was a good idea)

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