Thursday, 24 January 2013

End of Term Update Blog

Righteo, haven't done one of these for a while so I got alot to upload so im going to get right into it.

Before we went home for christmas we were told to make a dope sheet for a lip sync so yeah here's the dope sheet and animation:

Dope Sheet

Samuel Jackson Lip Sync

We were also told to do an animatic for the long storyboard I did earlier, so here's that:


Another Project we were given was from Kathy and we had to basically exaggerate the size of some things in the picture like these:

 Laddies having a pick nick on naked laddy hill

 Laddie walking through hand cave

Big Man with stick visiting Little Laddy with stick

When we got back we had a lesson with Kathy and we were first told to draw some skeletons of animals in the science department:


Ghariol and a Crocodile

When we got back we were asked to draw our hand in different positions:

 Hand 1

Hand 2

Hand 3

Hand 4

Hand 5

Hand 6

And for the end of the Term we had to make a showreel and yeahh so here it is hope you enjoy:

Bradley Spice Term 1 Showreel