Sunday, 17 March 2013

Big Blog Update!

I was told I put too much detail into my posts so here's what ive been up to the last term:


Pick up Something Heavy

Dramatic Emotion Shift

Sea Test

(Could'nt upload the SWF file sorry)
Lip Sync

Digital Work:

A Animation Background which we are going to animate
a camera movement (Zoom/Pan), and animate a character
or 2 on top.

Experimental Animation:

Table Race (Pixelation)

Travellers (Pixelation)

Pencil Work:

Life Drawing (30 min pose)

Life Drawing (same 30 min pose hand practice)

Life Drawing (10 min pose)

Life Drawing (1 min poses A)

Life Drawing (1 min poses B)

Animation Backgrounds (Emperors new groove)

Animation Backgrounds (The Lion King)

Animation Backgrounds (The Lion King)

Animation Backgrounds (Road Runner)

Animation Backgrounds (Road Runner)

Perspective (paper file/holder with chair in background)

Perspective (Street)

Perspective (Bookcase)

Perspective (concrete tube)

Perspective (Trees on hills)

Animation Backgrounds
(my version of Tron by Joseph Holt)

Animation Backgrounds
(my version of Ricky Gervais show by Joseph Holt)

FMP Year 1:

First Story Board (frame 1)

First Story Board (frame 2)

 First Story Board (frame 3)

First Story Board (frame 4)

First Story Board (frame 5)

First Story Board (frame 6)

 First Story Board (frame 7)

First Story Board (frame 8)

First Story Board (frame 9)

First Story Board (frame 10)

First Story Board (frame 11)

First Animatic

I have also been learning how to model in maya, and doing alot of theory lessons. I will try to upload my work more often, and I hope you like what ive done so far!