Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hey look a new post!...... Where?...... \/ There look! \/

Ive done more work yayyyyyy! so here's what ive been up to (sorry havent posted alot ive been doing work and I keep forgetting to do it >.<)

But to start (I know its uploaded onto here late yada yada but it was uploaded on youtube at the right time lol :P) MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!!!

Is a Lightsaber Battle done in flash lol (not after effect WTF! XD)
p.s. we know you can see the sticks lol note to self never use sticks again haha

NOW!! to the work shizzle. One project we had was to do 3 different walk cycles from a list of options I chose to do:

A happy walk

A guy whose late for work

And a Macho male walk whose up his own posterior 

Also I have done some animated sky tests for a end of year final project

I call this one Night Sky

And this one Stormy Sky (creative I know right)

Also I still cant manage to upload that bloody lip sync we did in flash >.< I will get there eventually...... maby.....

Now on to the 3D stuff (hurrraayyy). I haven't done many things I can upload in the 3D section unfortunately, but what we have been doing is learning how to sculpt and paint, here is the stuff I have done (that's ready to be uploaded :P)

A 3D version of that painting I did earlier huzahhhh!

And a Strange head lol to me it looks like it could be a villan from DBZ (Dragon Ball Z if you dont know what it stands for)

OOooohhhhh yeeeaahhhhh...... Here's the finished experimental project me and James (my course mate) did together :D (along with all the tests we did, some were don't individually but others were don't together because it would kind impossible to do by yourself >.<) 

Experimental Final Show Reel

Now for the FINAL FILM SECTION!!!........

Lets start with my design for the monster cat and my RNLI boat transformation from modern to oldy woldy style.

Now for alllllllllll the backgrounds i have done so far..... are you ready?.....

are you steaddy?........


Background 1 (establishing shot of bathroom)

 Background 2 (Shot of the Cat turning into the monster)

Background 3 (Where the bath tub is morphing into the ocean)

Background 4 (Into the kids imagination now)

 Background 5 (I didn't need to do a background for this because its looking down at the boat and water and that's all getting modeled in 3D)

Background 6 (another just sky for me there cause the ocean will be modeled in 3D)

Background 7 (My favorite one so far, its of inside the ship if you didn't guess :P)

Background 8 (not done yet haha)

Background 9 (there are a few frames for this in the animatic so you will have to wait for an updated one to see it all come together lol)

Background 10 ( not much to this one cause its pretty close up in the bath so yeahhh took literally 2 minutes to do XD)

 Background 11 (the kids doing a BEAST! of a fart in that tub)

Background 12 (ohh no here come the fart banshees >.<)

Background 13 (OH NO! there attacking the ship and they smell sooo bad XD)

Background 14 (not done)

Just in case the images above make no sense look at my older posts to find the animatic and see how they relate :). 

Right guys that's all the work ive completed since my last post, (I do have ALOT! more in the works, there just not ready yet :)) thanks for reading :D

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