Sunday, 1 December 2013

Before christmas catch up!

Hey, I've only got a couple more things to post today all of which are VFX stuff so yeahh, lets get started!

Firstly I have finished turning my penguins belly blue, I call him ICE PENGUIN!!

Ice Penguin yeahh!

And here are the nodes for ice penguin:

Ice penguin nodes

Also in one of our lectures we were compositing a scene from maya and some fire together linking reflections, shadows, refractions, I also added some sound effects myself, here's how it turned out:

Fire composite

And here's the nodes:
Fire nodes

We also got another project which I have nearly finished but not done yet so no sneak peaks for you. Basically we had to film something in real life then composite some 3D text into the scene by tracking the terrain which where I filmed my mine made it well a knob but we got it to work in the end. Anyway while I was filming it I thought I might as well do something while I have the camera, sorry about the shaky camera I had to get a friend to film it as I was in one of the costumes and we had to use a P2 camera which a little heavy and the ground was uneven, so yeah here's the video:

The Amazing Spider-Man Clone Saga Trailer

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