Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Last Blog of second year!!

Hey this will be my last update for my second year!

To start with lets add the rest of the DEEP project. basically I inbetweened all of the animation, fixed the colouring with every shot after Laura had given them back, and did the final edit. All is bellow:

Shot 1

Shot 2

Shot 4

Final Film

And to finish up the Fashion photography, I cant upload the final film because it isn't done but here is a show reel of the work I did put over the top of a rough cut she gave me (I didn't set up the cuts of timing for this)

Fashion Show Reel

I will just end here by leaving you video I put together from the convention I went to after hand ins
MCM Expo May 2014

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Update before the last week of hand-ins!

Hey, Its been a while, well lets get right into it shall we? yes I think so!

Lets start with the 3rd year project Ive been helping with, I chose to help Josh with my pet rock, and the work I was given was to do the animation for one shot and to colour 8 shots here is what I have done:

Shot 1 (Colour)

Shot 18/19 (Colour)

Shot 30 (Colour)

Shot 45 (Colour)

Shot 46 (Colour)

Shot 55 (Colour)

Shot 56 (Colour)

Shot 58 (Animation)

Shot 58 (Colour)

Another project I have been working on is the 'DEEP' project which is a film our lecturers have planed, but without going into detail about the story, here is what I have done for the project:

1. I was working on the 'Hotel' scene which we were supposed to recreate some bottles and a table and have the bottles shatter as bullets came through the door, my jobs were to make the clean plate for the table and bottles to go (as they didn't get one on the day of filming....) and the to composite all the animation with the live action footage, but the animation isn't done yet so all I have done is the clean plate, here is a before and after:



2. The second scene I moved onto once this scene was taking to long and I needed to do some more on the project was the '101 dalmatians' scene, in this scene I am the there inbetweener of the animation and I have to clean up some colouring and lines after we got the clean up back also I made a rough animation for one shot but it wasn't used because I went straight off the animatic and we went for somting a little different in the end. I am still working on this one at the moment but here is what I have done:

Rough animation I did from the animatic

I did the inbetweens and I also fixed the colouring and clean up that was done,
 I also did the camera move (but thats not exactly hard)

I did the inbetweens for this shot

The last project I am working on is a project with the fashion photography students, to begin with I was working with one student, and we went through what she had filmed while she was in Japan and thought how to link the shots, that she wanted some animation to the footage and what colour correction she wanted, but she ended up leaving working with me and went to Solomon else... So I had to find someone else to work with, and I found a student who wanted to do a video where people had an outfit under another film her taking off one to reveal the other and reverse it so it looked like she put on the one above. She also wanted some animated creatures dancing around which I have animated. Here is what I've done so far:

Animated creatures for the sides of the video

Screen shot of nuke, showing the extension of the pink backdrop. Unfortunately I haven't done any colour correction yet so I will post that in my next post!

Also she didn't film with a big back drop so I've had to extend it, there were some problems though, I couldn't roto around the flying out cloths because of the frame rate the footage was filmed on made the cloths go partially invisible due to motion blur, but she said to me don't worry about going around the flying cloths or anything, she didn't mind that things would just disappear. But I thought I should have at least tried.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

YR2 end of first semester

Hey, So the first semester of my second year has finished and I thought I should really do an update on here with all the things I finished and the stuff I have been doing in my spare time.

Firstly here is the interaction with the environment task we were set on the VFX module:

cause deadpool...

The nodes used in nuke for deadpool

And that is all the VFX tasks we got given this semester. We were told to give in a show reel of our VFX work for marking and here is the reel I put together:

VFX semester 1 show reel

This was set about 2 weeks before the Christmas break and was supposed to be done sometime in January after we got back, but I finished it before I left for Christmas because I worked pretty much non-stop till it was done so I didn't have it looming over while I was away.

Slip (11 second club December 2013 clip)

Now onto my own work, I have done 2 videos during the time of my last post I am quite proud of them, but I will be doing better ones soon I have a draft script for one and the other 2 I am working on, anyway take a look:

Orb (Star Wars short film)

X-men VFX tests

X-men before and after

If you would like to see all the movies I make check out my youtube channel, if you like my work feel