Monday, 22 October 2012

Digital Animation Week 3

This week at uni we played abit more with squishy the ball and learnt how to model a little, and we got set an assignment where we had to animate squishy interacting with some things we have modelled. Here is my result:

In 2D we had two things to do one which i finished just after i last posted and the other i finished today, the first one is of a bowling ball and a football which is here:

and the second was of a character jumping then asserting a type of emotion, (we weren't allowed to give him a face or legs, so we think more of the animating and not how the character looks) heres what i came up with:

we also had our second life drawing session (i didn't do al well in this one) and heres my pieces:

1 minuet poses

more 1 minuet poses

2 minuet poses

more 2 minuet poses

30 minuet pose

another 30 minuet pose

This week we also had our first cinematography lesson we learnt some more about story boarding and we had another movie screening (which i cant remember the name of the movie).

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